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Success Stories

 Experience does matter. Our partners have a combined 150 years of professional sales and marketing experience in all phases of the Cycle of Excellence including Business Leadership, Business Transformation and Strategy, Marketing and Product Management, Sales and Team Leadership, and Sales Channels, Partners and Logistics.

Following are a few brief Success Stories within each phase of the Cycle of Excellence that illustrate our ability to achieve quantifiable success for former employers or clients. We are ready to help you to achieve similar results for your company.

Business Turnaround Plan for a Microwave Wireless Technology Company

Hired to develop and execute a turnaround plan Startup Company in pre-revenue development stage that hadn’t yet gone to market. Raised capital to vet technology with industry experts, Repositioned target market and product after analyzing the market, competition, and economic conditions and built a model targeting a new distribution method using the existing microwave manufacturers.

Business Transformation for a Video Conferencing Company

Tasked by a videoconference company to build synergy for multiple product lines that were acquired in five separate mergers over a two-year period.  Created new go-to-market strategy that unified all product lines via a common messaging strategy and product development architecture.  Strategy resulted in an immediate 14% increase in revenue ($4M), and helped to reposition the company as a full service collaborative conferencing leader with IT and Telecom industry analysts. 

Market Launch and Branding for an Enhanced Service Provider

Asked to lead the product launch for a next generation messaging solution for an $80M division of a public company providing messaging and enhanced service solutions to service providers. Successfully launched and introduced a next generation messaging solution that exceeded goals and accounted for over 50% of revenues in the first year. Grew domestic revenues by 55% in one year which returned the company to profitability. Grew international business by 300% in the same year.

Sales Leadership for an Imaging Technology Company

Tasked with leading sales, marketing, service, systems integration, administration and distribution for a newly developed region of a major integrated system and imaging Technology Company. Led cross functional strategic plan implementation and execution to achieve targets. Helped companies strengthen their financial position by leveraging their information technology through software, hardware, services and outsourcing solutions. Strategy resulted in increased revenues by 60% in first 18 Months and over 120% in less than 5 years in the new region (over $15 M). 

Sales Logistics for an Integrated Chip Manufacturer

Asked to deliver sales growth, profitability and cost goals through sound P&L Management for major integrated chip manufacturer in multiple global markets resulting in sales revenue of $24.0 million. Also achieved 20% growth in new design activity in excess of $8.0 million upside.

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