Our phased Methodology ensures that our clients will achieve their desired results.  Our methodology combined with best practices, enables us to improve client performance quickly and helps to differentiate us from other consulting practices.

A typical engagement consists of any of the following phases, each with its own review point or gate, before moving on to the next phase.

Should you wish to proceed with an engagement then we would proceed with the discovery phase. In the discovery phase we would interview stakeholders, develop a needs analysis and provide you with a statement of work for completing the project before proceeding with the planning phase.  There are no surprises and no scope creep issues that could derail the program.

During the planning phase, we identify and define the appropriate metrics that will determine quantifiable success, as well as program deliverables that are aligned with available resources. There’s no hidden agenda, no hidden costs. We would update the statement of work estimate before proceeding to the implementation phase.

As the name suggests it is in the implementation phase that the proposed engagement solutions are delivered. In the implementation phase we will also execute Business Process improvements and will provide status reports to all stakeholders.

Finally we perform an engagement review and will coach your teams on continuous improvement that will yield sustainable measured results.