Getting Started

 Getting Started

It’s easy to get started …

… And there are several options from which to choose.  

Sales and Marketing Advisors will gladly meet with you at your premise for a brief consultation, or, if your challenges are less apparent or more complex than anticipated, we can conduct a Discovery Session that enables our partners to conduct a root cause analysis via conversations with you and selected team members. 

 For those challenges that are already well documented, Sales and Marketing Advisors will appoint one or more of the partners to conduct a one-hour In-Person Meeting to briefly discuss your understanding of the issues, their affect on your team and other roadblocks that may be keeping your company from achieving its goals.  

 The Discovery Session is an in depth, one-day, on site brainstorming session intended to clearly define your company’s perceived roadblocks, its processes and handoffs, departmental goals versus company goals, marketplace issues, and more.  A Discovery Session is more than a routine SWOT analysis.  It helps us to build a framework for future success by giving us a rearview mirror look at your business, i.e., what’s worked, what’s lacking, what needs improvement, etc.  By understanding where you’ve been, it’s easier to determine where you’re going…and how to get there quickly. 

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