Frequently Asked Questions

Each partner from Sales and Marketing Advisors is well versed in the processes needed to identify and resolve your greatest challenges. 

Just like professional coaches, the quarterback, pitcher or golf professional each have a coach to help them to improve their game. 

We do the same thing for your Sales and Marketing teams.


What are the main “differentiators” between Sales and Marketing Advisors and other consulting firms?

Our combined experience enables us to improve client performance quickly via:

  •  A comprehensive Methodology that facilitates change quickly and without interruption.
  •  Best Practices developed over many years of trial and error.
  •  Quantitative Metrics to document and prove success.
  •  Expertise covering the entire Revenue Engine.
  •  Recommendations that are Vendor Neutral and free of reciprocal judgment.
  •  Periodic Follow Up and Training to ensure self sufficiency of your teams. 

Each Partner shares an appreciation and commitment to the importance of teaching your teams to become self sufficient moving forward. Our own individual experiences have proven that this type of training is an important element for success.  Many of our partners have had experience with business quality strategies like Six Sigma, and we learned other methodologies like DMAIC and Kaizen. Whether in our personal or corporate life, we each recognize and strive for continual improvement. 

What do you provide as “deliverables?”

Engagements run from the simplistic to the very complex.   Depending upon the nature of the issue(s) to be addressed, the deliverables could range from a simple report to a detailed strategy and tactical plan outlining specific recommendations.   Our goal is to not get bogged down in meaningless paperwork.  We set out to quickly identify and define the problem(s), to list the appropriate countermeasures and corrective actions, and to provide suggestions for measuring success moving forward. 

How long does an engagement last?

A typical engagement usually consists of four phases, each with its own review point or gate, before moving to the next phase as follows:

Discovery –> Planning –> Implementation –> Results

A key element of every engagement is the Statement of Work (SOW).  The SOW is a detailed description of the work to be done, the resources or team involvement required and the defined success measures to be implemented.  A sample SOW could include these types of sections:  Background and Problem Statement, Objectives, Engagement Scope, Approach, Joint Responsibilities, Deliverables (as appropriate), Tactical Plan, Fees and Payment Schedule.  

What pricing options are available?

Our offering is derived from the combined experience of the Sales and Marketing Advisors team and the business value and services that result from our collaborative knowledge.  Our approach to solving business problems is unique, and our pricing structure reflects that flexibility.

We offer a wide array of pricing schedules from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to more structured payment options for more routine engagements that require a fixed or flat fee.    For more complex programs, we also provide engagement or value based fee programs and contingency or performance based arrangements that allow our clients to pay based upon specific performance improvement.

How do you declare success?

We validate our engagements and declare success via tracked performance metrics agreed to at the start of the program.  We also assist in all implementations, and we coach your teams on how to implement continuous improvement to enable them to become self sufficient long after the engagement is completed.

How will our people benefit from an engagement with Sales and Marketing Advisors?

Your company will have the best suited partner assigned to lead your specific engagement.   His particular area of expertise will drive the project through to completion.  And because Sales and Marketing Advisors take a collaborative approach to problem solving, your people will benefit from the expertise of the entire Sales and Marketing Advisors team during the engagement.  We not only train your people, but we also leave your stakeholders with a framework for ongoing performance improvement.

Will my business be disrupted during an engagement?

The type of activities needed to drive performance improvement will be outlined in the Statement of Work (SOW), and any necessary disruptions (i.e., meetings, conferences, process discussions, presentations, etc.) would be discussed with all key stakeholders prior to the engagement.  We are extremely sensitive that business must continue to be conducted, and we are cognizant that while we work to improve your business, any disruption would be minimal at best.

What does the “vendor neutral” statement mean to a client?

We take very seriously our ability to provide objective, neutral recommendations when compiling our solution.  We do not promote nor are we affiliated with any particular Value Added Reseller, Systems Integrator, Software Developer or Authorized OEM Dealer for products, services, solutions or methodologies if offered as a solution option to an engagement.  This “vendor neutral” approach allows us to work with virtually any product, program, software provider or enterprise system that you may want to implement in order to fulfill your engagement.  However, well versed in multiple vendors and service providers and their offers so that we may provide the appropriate solution to any sales and/or marketing dilemma.