About Us

When asked about their company’s overall performance in today’s marketplace, we hear more and more executives begin with some commonplace phrases such as….

  • I need more time to…
  • Nobody here has experience with…
  • My Channel Partner’s are not…
  • The Marketing guys don’t…
  • Bigger companies have…

If the answer to these types of questions were easy, you would have already tackled the problem.  But for those times when you lack the time, skill or experience, Sales and Marketing Advisors have already faced these types of challenges with great success…and we can help.

Our combined experience makes us unique and different because we cover the entire spectrum of business growth.

What’s unique about our combined expertise is that it covers all facets of the front end of your business. We call this the Cycle of Excellence.  The Cycle of Excellence covers the every business function that drives business growth and revenue.  From Planning to Competitive Assessment, from Product Management to Marketing Communications, from Sales and Business Development, to Channel Management, from Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Initiatives, Sales and Marketing Advisors have the expertise needed to generate positive cash flow.

Cycle of Excellence

Each partner has held significant P&L responsibility and successfully led sales and/or marketing organizations more than once.   Our vast knowledge base enables us to quickly identify opportunities for greater business profitability and proficiency through improved processes, desired goal and team objective alignment, quantifiable success measures … and more…all tailored to match your team’s budget, headcount, skills and timeline.

Leveraging Our Experience To Achieve Success

Here are just a few of the things we focus on in order to improve performance quickly:


  • Performance or Accountability Issues
  • Process Breakdowns and Work Redundancy
  • Revenue Deficiencies or Profit Leaks
  • Sales and Marketing Business Alignment
  • Strategy and Corresponding Tactics
  • Unanticipated Market Changes
  • Unmet Challenges


  • Best Practices – Processes and Decisions
  • Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Methodology
  • Hands on Experience throughout the Full Revenue Lifecycle
  • Periodic Follow Up, Training and Solution Transition
  • Quantitative Improvement Metrics
  • Streamlined GAP Analysis
  • Vendor Neutral Recommendations