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About Us


Gary L. Pietras, Senior Partner

Kelly Bevan, Senior Partner

Pierre Beuret, Senior Partner

Pete J. Russell, Senior Partner


About Us Summary When asked about their company’s overall performance in today’s marketplace, we hear more and more executives begin with some commonplace phrases such as…. I need more time to… Nobody here has experience with… My Channel Partner’s are not… The Marketing guys don’t… Bigger companies have… If the answer to these types of …

Gary L. Pietras

GARY L. PIETRAS Senior Partner Business Transformation & Strategic Marketing   Gary is a strategic marketing leader with a solid track record in building business transformation strategies and tactics for companies seeking to enter new lines of business or to drastically change its current business model in order to adapt to competitive pressures.  Gary’s scope …

Kelly Bevan

KELLY BEVAN Senior Partner Marketing & Product Management A creative, results-driven marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of marketing and product management for telecommunications, software and other high technology environments. Kelly has an excellent record of accomplishments, and has successfully developed and launched programs that have helped companies grow …

Pierre A. Beuret

PIERRE BEURET Senior Partner Sales, Leadership, Operations Pierre is a sales executive with 20+ years of sales, marketing and general management experience. Pierre is a focused professional who understands how technology can help business and how to create value for those solutions. With a proven ability to lead, train, motivate and grow sales and cross …

Peter J. Russell

 PETER J. RUSSELL   Senior Partner   Sales Logistics, Outsourcing, Channels   Peter is a 30-year sales executive for Fortune 500 Technology Companies with expertise in channel and direct sales for North America. Peter’s delivered sales growth, profitability and cost goals through sound P&L management. He is an effective leader with a proven background of …